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What People Are Saying About MyMoneyPicture

We were very pleased to receive the following emails from Alan from Canada:

Very recently I had emailed that I had made your system work for me as to the use of credit cards.

My 82nd birthday is tomorrow. I am fortunate as my wife tracks all bill payments in our home. As we moved to a new home over 18 months ago and after down sizing it was thought our monthly expenses would be less. We are also in a city in a different part of our Province.

After 6 months here, my wife became annoyed with me when I asked where our money was going. She had told me she keeps all receipts in separate envelopes and checks them off against the various statements. In other words, no day to day tallies. She had suggested to me that maybe if I used my Quick Books program I could assist her.

I found that not to be handy for me. Just too much to review. Then just over one week ago your program came to my attention. To date I have all our credit card info up to date & just showed her how it works. She is so happy as it has placed money owing onto both our shoulders equally. 

As we hardly ever have disagreements, we now have one reason less. Fantastic!!

I am now trying to category all our fixed expenses into your program & add another dimension to money that flows out. On this I will keep you posted.

I cannot believe how enthused I am about

Thank you so much, 


As a furtherance to my story, my wife and I sit at our kitchen table every 3rd day matching receipts and tracking totals. We never worked together on this previously. All was discussed but now it's shared. Better for us both. Still thanks to MMP.

After my Mother passed on and being the only child, it was necessary to sort her 92 years of personal belongings.  She had many. 

She came through the depression years and it was easy to see why the lack of money contributed to her family success.  There were no computers in her days.  In fact her schooling ended at grade 8.  However, she kept her own hand written  journals of logging every CENT in and out. 

She never owed anyone. Tracking money was her religion, it was her way of keeping her head above the line.

Many of us are not so careful, maybe some people don't need to be. Many won't take the time.  Your program offers to anyone the possibility to track CENTS. Should one be able to ask Mother, I am certain she would agree.
Best regards,

N.b. -- her journals actually had entries for one cent.